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Pinocchio Hotel, Restaurant and Bar in San Pedro la Laguna

Hotel Pinocchio has long been a favorite with San Pedro la Laguna visitors seeking privacy and tranquility without having to pay an arm and a leg. These days there's even more reason to visit, with the opening of Pinocchio Restaurant and Bar just down the street from the hotel.

hostel hotel pinocchio san pedro la lagunaIn its fifteen years of existence, Hotel Pinocchio has become a San Pedro institution. The three-story building, which reminds one of a stately passenger liner from the great days of transatlantic travel, is home to a variety of accommodation options, including dorm beds with a shared bathroom and private en-suite rooms.

A Budget Hostel in San Pedro

Res are very reasonable too, ranging from Q40 per person in the dorm to Q120 for a private room with bathroom. You can also arrange to pitch your tent in the spacious garden, which is a lush oasis in the middle of the madness of San Pedro.

The atmosphere is one of peace and tranquility. This is not a party hostel but rather a place where you can kick back and relax. Its central location on the Seventh Avenue makes it perfect for students of San Pedro's many Spanish schools, and there are plenty of spaces in the garden where you can do your homework. If you want to read, surf the Internet or just shoot the breeze, grab one of the hammocks on the balconies. Wi-Fi is included, and there is a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals.

There's a rooftop terrace with lounge chairs for sunbathing. The views from up here are spectacular. If you can tear your gaze away from the lake, look to the right to see Volcán San Pedro or to the left for the Indian Nose.

Pinocchio Restaurant and Bar

Adjacent to the hotel is the new Pinocchio Restaurant and Bar, which is open from 7 AM to 11 PM. Located along a kink in Seventh Avenue just past Casa Atitlan, it has two entrances from the street, as well as an entrance from the hotel.

Here you'll find a lovely little corner with cushions on the floor so you can stretch out and simply laze the day away in the company of the restaurant's four friendly cats. If you prefer a proper table and chairs, you have a choice of sunny spots or a table underneath a palapa for shelter. Each table is nestled in its own little nook for privacy.

The menu includes breakfast options ranging from toast to pancakes, omelets and Mexican Huevos Rancheros. Hotel guests get a 10% discount on all breakfasts. For lunch or dinner, choose from sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza, fajitas and other meat and seafood dishes. There are desserts such as crepes, for those moments when you just want a little sweetness in your life.

On some nights, the restaurant has live entertainment. This is not really the place for hard rock or psy trance. Instead, look forward to more laid-back sounds. Simply check out the noticeboard in front of the restaurant to see the current special offers.

Where: On the main trail between the Pana and Santiago docks