More proof Carl Calleman is wrong about end date of Mayan Long Count Calendar: it is 2012, not 2011.

Does Calleman Worship Maximon?

We don't think so, or our spies over in Santiago, Lake Atitlan, would have already dropped a dime on him. But it is odd that Carl Maximon evil god maya santiago guatemalaCalleman's proposed end date for the Mayan Long Count calendar is October 28, 2011, rather than December 21, 2012. Why?

Because in Santiago, the members of Maya cult of Maxmion celebrate the birthday of Maximon with wild, pagan parties. We also find this intriguing:

Coincidence? (Cue eerie soundtrack from Twilight Zone.)
Or evil cosmic conspiracy?

For more information on Maximon, see Maximon in Santiago, Lake Atitlan.

Shay Addams
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
3 K'at 2010

Lake Atitlan, the Most Laid-back Lake in the World