Hotels in Santa Cruz at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, include budget to luxury and eco-chic lodging, cabins, rooms.

Lake Atitlan Hotels: Isla Verde in Santa Cruz

Hotel Islaverde, Lake Atitlant seems hard to believe that just around the corner from the hustle and bustle of Panajachel one might find an oasis of tranquility, an island of peace, a garden getaway where the stress of the city disappears as soon as you set foot on her sun-kissed shores.

hotel atitlan santa cruzYet this is exactly what you'll find upon arrival at the piece of paradise that is Hotel Isla Verde, Santa Cruz's most relaxing retreat. Eight out of the ordinary cabins are stacked at different levels on the hillside for privacy, peace and quiet.

Lodging with an Ecological Twist

Conceived by the Spanish owner, Ana, as a new model of ethical tourism where people can come to take a break in an environmentally conscious Eden without having to compromise on comfort or quality, Isla Verde's mission is, in Ana's words, “to dispel the assumption that ecological means brown rice and leather sandals.”

An Eco-Chic Hotel at Lake Atitlan

The hotel was constructed almost entirely from recycled and recovered building materials (which makes for some rather quirky design features!) and efforts are made in every aspect of the day-to-day running to ensure that the hotel and its guests have minimum environmental impact (sustainable energy, composting, chemical-free cleaning, and so on).

Ana also plans to host a selection of Eco-Building workshops so that, through learning, tourists and locals can build a better future together.

Dine on Organic Food in the Restaurant

This eco-chic philosophy extends into the solar-powered kitchen, where the chef serves up excellent international and fusion cuisine using produce grown in Isla Verde's very own huerta.

Of course not everything can be sourced from this bountiful garden but the chef designs the menu to incorporate only locally grown, in-season products to ensure maximum freshness and minimum waste. People come not only from the neighboring hotels but also from across the water to enjoy a sumptuous dinner in the beautiful restaurant.

Like Isla Verde's accommodations, the restaurant is blessed with a panoramic view of the world's most heart-breakingly beautiful lake.

If exploring the gardens and chilling out in the Hotel's ultra-cool lounge isn't enough to really unwind, there are plenty of other treats on offer, including Temascal Sauna, Hot Tub, Huge Yoga Platform, Massage Therapy, Kayaking.

This garden paradise is the perfect spot to get back to nature without having to leave any of the creature comforts behind. Isla Verde can be reached by boat from Panajachel and the other villages around the lake.

Web Site: Isla Verde Atitlan

Phone: 502 5359-8328

Article by Chris Sowerbutt

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