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Tzununá Hotels and Hostels: Lomas


Many Atitlán hotels offer a room with a view, but for a view with a room, you must take the boat to tiny Tzununá and book yourself into Lomas de Tzununá. The word lomas means "hill,’ and this upmarket eco-hotel is perched about 100 meters above the water, with views that go on forever.

Big Rooms and Perfect View

The rooms at Lomas de Tzununá are spacious and breezy, with huge, comfortable beds that guarantee a good night’s sleep. Not that you’d want to sleep while there is so much exquisiteness around you. Each room has a private balcony where you can kick back, relax and see why so many people call Lake Atitlán the most beautiful in the world. You don’t even have to tear your eyes away from the view when it gets too hot: even from the swimming pool the lake and volcanoes look spectacular.

Recycling and Solar Energy

The hotel focuses on sustainability, using solar energy and recycling everything. Organic waste is turned into compost, while glass, plastic and cans are recycled at thedepot in San Marcos. The gray water irrigates the garden, and the black water is treated so that it won’t contaminate the lake. Rainwater is collected and used as well.

It’s not only environmental sustainability that is important at this place. Most of the staff is recruited from nearby Tzununá, so the local economy is supported and you also get insider’s knowledge. In addition, the hotel helps maintain the community’s infrastructure and has even created a library for the locals. Tzununá’s secondary school kids can take classes at Lomas de Tzununá’s small guitar academy.

This tranquil piece of paradise is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle, but if you need to stay connected, there is Wi Fi and a 24-hour business center complete with computers that you can use. Other amenities include a solarium, table games, kayak rental, a temascal for a traditional Mayan sauna, a handicraft shop and an excellent restaurant with its own bar.

Room rates tend to be in the upper price range and include a continental breakfast. You can book online through the hotel’s website.

To get to Lomas de Tzununá from the public boat dock, there are about 350 steep steps to climb. It’s a gorgeous hike up but of course it becomes less fun if you have to lug a backpack or suitcases up with you. Luckily you can arrange transport with the hotel or take a tuk-tuk.

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