Panajachel News

July 2015

24: For used paperback books, visit The Book Store and Travel Agency on Santander, where you can also reserve hotels, transportation and tours at the lake as well as the rest of Guatemala. For travel reservations, see Book Store - Travel Agency

February 2015

15: Smokin' Joes' Barbecue is the place to be in Pana on Saturdays. Huge cuts of smoked meat grilled Southern-style, big side dishes and great drink specials. It's at La Palapa Bar from 10 AM-2 PM.

March 2014

4: A free Health Clinic is opening in Panajachel, and the fiesta to celebrate it is on March 6. Find out more at Lake Atitlan News.

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December 2013

4: A new hostel opened just of Santander. It's called Sotz Hostel. The owners also have a new hotel with wooden lakefront bungalows just ten minutes from downtown Panajachel. Hotel Icosaedros features unusual six-sided bungalows with lots of amenties, such as swimming in the hot waters nearby.


November 2013

13: Several new restaurants opened during rainy season, including a sushi place just off Santander and a Maya restaurant serving authentic Mayan meals across the street from Cafe Kitsch on Santander.

October 2013

19: Panajachel's second Annual Marathon takes place in November. The 21K Half Marathon and a 10K race are on November 30. The 42K Extreme Challenge Marathon is on December 1. See Panajachel Marathonfor details.