Panajachel News

February 2015

15: Smokin' Joes' Barbecue is the place to be in Pana on Saturdays. Huge cuts of smoked meat grilled Southern-style, big side dishes and great drink specials. It's at La Palapa Bar from 10 AM-2 PM.

March 2014

4: A free Health Clinic is opening in Panajachel, and the fiesta to celebrate it is on March 6. Find out more at Lake Atitlan News.

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December 2013

4: A new hostel opened just of Santander. It's called Sotz Hostel. The owners also have a new hotel with wooden lakefront bungalows just ten minutes from downtown Panajachel. Hotel Icosaedros features unusual six-sided bungalows with lots of amenties, such as swimming in the hot waters nearby.


November 2013

13: Several new restaurants opened during rainy season, including a sushi place just off Santander and a Maya restaurant serving authentic Mayan meals across the street from Cafe Kitsch on Santander.

October 2013

19: Panajachel's second Annual Marathon takes place in November. The 21K Half Marathon and a 10K race are on November 30. The 42K Extreme Challenge Marathon is on December 1. See Panajachel Marathonfor details.