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February, 2010

Organic Coffee at La Puerta
Organic coffee, grown without chemical fertilizers, is served as regular coffee, espresso and lattes. It’s also sold in bulk.

Bagels at the Lake
In January, Phatburger introduced Q9 PhatBagels with a variety of spreads. For bagels in Panajachel, Cafe la Parada in the zona viva is the place to go.

New Dishes in San Pedro
Next to the Santiago dock, La Playa new offers daily specials on food as well as drinks. At Bistro Nuevo Sol, look for new Oriental dishes with exotic sauces this month. Check the board outside for the daily pasta special at Fata Morgana in the zona viva.

Freedom Bar's New Restaurant
The restaurant now serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. See review, page 8.

New Restaurants
In San Pedro, the Mad Hatter opened in late January across the street from La Niez, and Italianssimo, an Italian restaurant, opened down the street from Bistro Nuevo Sol.

In Panajachel, Cordon Bleu reopened in a new spot on Calle de los Arboles.

New Locations
In San Pedro, Lole’s moved to just down the street from Fata Morgana. Humus Ya is now inside En Vivo.

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