Nightlife at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Bars, Clubs, Music in San Pedro, San Marcos, Santa Cruz, Panajachel.

Nightlife at Lake Atitlan

The bar scene in San Pedro and Panajachel leads the way in nightlife around Lake Atitlan. Each town is home to a dizzying array of atmospheric clubs, pubs, discos and bars.

Live bands play everything from jazz to reggae to merengue in Panajachel, while you're more likely to hear blues and rock in a San Pedro hangout.

Nightlife in San Pedro and San Marcos

A beer costs a little more than a dollar in most bars, and there are plenty of Mexican and Guatemalan beers lined up in the coolers. San Pedro bars also serve liters of beer for around $3. Drink specials and happy hours reduce the cost of beer, wine and mixed drinks even further.

In the Zone (also known as the zona viva), the place to go at night is Alegre Pub. On 7th Avenue, The Rolling Stone Music Club is the new name for Buddha Bar, the classic spot for live music and other entertainment.

Also on 7th Avenue, the swimming pool near the Santiago dock is the site of Smokin' Joes' BBQ, with Southern-style barbeque and smoke meats on Sundays.

Party Down in Panajachel

Just up Calle Arboles awaits the pioneer Circus Bar, with live music nightly. More clubs with live music and DJs line Avenida Santander. At its end, on the water, the lively Sunset Cafe has Latino music, a festive atmosphere and high prices.


Cafe Quila's, near the dock, has Tex-Mex food, movies, movies, wild drinks and lots more. Open 5 PM. Posada de Santiago often has bands.

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