Where to find health food at the lake? San Pedro La Lagunais home to Salud Para Vida.

For health food at Lake Atitlan, visit Salud Para VIda in San Pedro la Laguna.A trip to Salud Para Vida, the health food store in San Pedro la Laguna, is like a stroll through an alchemical laboratory or an old-fashioned candy store. Big glass jars full of exotic spices, exotically packaged soaps and vials of essential oils line the shelves.

They have the biggest selection of organic natural products in Guatemala. Even if you’re not into health food, you’ll love the chocolate peanut butter bars.

The Spices of Life

Spices, shampoos, other natural foods and products like shampoo are easy to find at Salud Para Vida, Lake Atitlan's best health food store.The spice racks, for example, hold everything from standard spices to unusual items such as Himalayan pink salt, the organic sugar substitute Xylitol and organic mesquite. Another boon to health is Camu Camu powder, which provides more vitamin C than any other organic source.

J. R. Ligget’s Old-Fashioned Soap also makes an effective shampoo and shaving cream. Another organic product, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, has multiple uses, too. (It’s a tough call: “Old-Fashioned” or “Magic?”) The Avocado and Grapefruit is one of other shampoos that sound good enough to eat.) Organic soaps and shampoos are an ecological way to stay clean and healthy and help save the lake at the same time.

Organic Food For All

Snacks and real energy bars, granola and grits (which Southerners will be glad to hear) are just a few of the many food products. Candy too, like Chocolate and Cacao bars, and Ghiradelli’s Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix for the truly decadent.

If you bake at home, you’ll appreciate the variety of flour. Puffed Amaranth is supposed to be among the healthiest of grains. Bulgar, wheat and other flours are on hand. Some items are sold in bulk.

Teas include Throat Coat for sore throats as well as the more familiar brands. For parasites or upset stomach, Grapefruit Seed Extract can make a difference.

Salud Para Vida is such a one-of-a-kind place to shop for health products, that people from around the lake make a 30-minute boat ride just to stock up on organic and natural products unavailable elsewhere.

The staff is very well informed and helpful, so just tell ‘em what you’re looking for or what ails you.

Where: San Pedro’s zona viva, below the gym
When: Monday-Saturday 10-5, Sunday 11-4