Lake Atitlan Real Estate and Rentals

Real estate and rental properties at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, are some of the best deals in Central America. You can find inexpensive houses or cottages, apartments and luxury mansions all around the lake.

Real estate and rental properties at Lake Atitlan Guatemala include cottages, apartments, inexpensive houses and luxury mansions. Real estate agencies and agents can be found in Panajachel, San Marcos and other lakeside towns.This is one of many reasons people from around the world have chosen to retire here at the lake. The low cost of living at Lake Atitlan is another reason for living and retiring here. Or vacationing here and renting your property on a short- or long-term basis.

Towns like Panajachel or San Pedro have a sizable ex-pat community, if that's what you want. Or you can live in a more secluded area that is still convenient to a city like Santiago.

Real Estate Agents and Agencies

Due to the rising water level over the past two years, real estate near the shore costs far less, but it is like playing the stock market. Your best bet is property higher "up the hill," as the local expression goes.

That's why working with an established real estate agent is even more important here than in the USA, Canada or Europe. You can find real estate agencies in Panajachel and other towns around the lake.

Lake Atitlan, the Most Magical Lake in the World