The Clover Restuarant in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan: international food, currry, high-quality steaks and Irish stew.

Lake Atitlan Restaurants: The Clover in San Pedro la Laguna

With magical views of Indian Nose and the lake from the patio and bar, The Clover is one of San Pedro’s most relaxing places to dine. It’s also the only place in Guatemala with real Irish Stew. The big bowlful of meat, potatoes and carrots in a thick sauce is tasty and filling.

Big Breakfasts and Gourmet Dinners

In addition to tipico breakfasts and omelets, The Clover boasts a tremendous breakfast burrito, distinguished by a special tomato and cheese sauce. Poached eggs and Eggs Benedict, both rare in in San Pedro, are other breakfast options. The Clover offers a bottomless cup of coffee.

The seven kinds of soups include chicken and broccoli soup, both rumored to possess medicinal properties that have hastened recovery from the flu. A full meal soup, the Tommy Yun Gung, consists of shitake mushrooms, coconut milk and ginger served over glass noodles, with chicken or tofu optional.

One meal that no one should miss is the Chicken Rolls, with mozzarella, bacon and lightly sweet sauce. And if you’re on a budget, burgers are cheap and good, as are the pizzas and sandwiches.

Hold the Meat

Vegetarians, who will like the Mango Curry and Mie Goreng, will be glad to hear that tofu can be substituted for meat in most dishes. And everyone, vegetarian or not, agrees on the Hot Fudge for dessert.

The Clover has live acoustic music on weekends, so it’s a fun place for hanging out as well as for dining out. Besides first-class food at reasonable prices, the bar is stocked with a fine selection of liquors, wine and beer. It’s a pleasant place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, even if you’re not one of the indigenous Irish people of San Pedro.

The Clover also delivers to hostels and homes in San Pedro.

Where: San Pedro la Laguna
When: 8 AM-11 PM daily

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