2012 in San Marcos, Atitlan, features hand made silver jewelry with crystals, clothes (new, used) and pipes.

2012 in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan

For a wide selection of semiprecious jewelry hand made from a variety of exotic crystals, 2012 in San Marcos, Lake Atitlan is the place to go. They also sell weaving, jewelry and other products from over 40 Mayan cooperatives and individual artisans.

Hand Made Jewelry

shopping san marcos atitlanCrystals of various cuts have been set with silver in pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Though the stones can be admired for their cut and brilliance, they can also be appreciated for their different healing abilities.

Therapeutic Properties of Crystals

Crystals possess therapeutic properties for spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical needs. For example, Amethyst enhances exploring spirituality and helps stimulate dreams. It bestows honesty, awareness and heightened concentration. Physically, it relieves pain and tension.

Don’t Worry...

Aquamarine inspires a light-heartedness and happy disposition. It can clear confusion, and helps the wearer to be persistent and successful. It can also improve sight. .

Lapis Lazuli promotes wisdom, inner truth, self-awareness, dignity, and honesty. It helps us to convey emotions and to face and accept truth. It also aids in lowering blood pressure.

Don’t Panic!

Garnet is the stone of crisis. It bestows courage, hope, trust, and new ideas. It helps us to cope with everyday problems and extreme situations. Citrean is all about variety and new experience. It brings about self-realization and expression, and its sunny nature helps us overcome depression.

Moonstone inspires intuition, spiritualistic abilities and clairvoyance. It’s a useful tool for lucid dreaming and helps in remembering the details. It is particularly useful for women with menstrual problems.

Onyx stimulates analytical thought and logic. It gives us self-confidence and a sense of responsibility, which helps us to purse our goals. It improves our ability to assert ourselves.

Rose quartz imparts empathy and sensitivity. It encourages self-love, a strong heart, romance, and the ability to love. It liberates us from worry.

Using Crystals

Using crystals is as simple as wearing or carrying them. For specific physical ailments, lay relevant stones on effected area. Also, submerging the stone in clear water allows the crystal’s information to transform the water.

Drinking this water, applying it externally, or using in the bath will immediately distribute the energy of the crystal throughout the whole body. After use, it is important to remember to clean your stones of the stored information. Stones have a way of breaking or getting lost when you fail to do so.

Crystal healing is just one way of exploring self-development. To learn more about crystals, you can visit the store where literature is available and see our collection of hand-made crystal jewelry and expansion jewelry.

Clothes, Pipes and More

2012 also carries new and used clothing, both local and international, and a vast collection of bongs, pipes, papers and smoking gear.

To get to 2012, head up the first trail and take a left at the sign that says Hotel Unicornio.

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