Lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Spanish Language Schools in San Pedro, San Marcos, Santa Cruz and Panajachel


Spanish Language Schools at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Spanish language schools in Guatemala like Casa Rosario and San Pedro Spanish School in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, offer the most affordable Spanish lessons in Guatemala.

Four hours of private lessons daily costs less than $100. For a little more, you can stay with a Maya family, all meals included. There are more than a dozen such schools from which to choose in San Pedro. Santa Cruz and Panajachel also have Spanish language schools with good rates.

Reservations are recommended from December through May. At other times, you can visit the schools before making a decision.

Spanish Schools in San Pedro la Laguna

Several schools are located in or near the zona viva, close to the Panajachel dock, such as Orbita. Others are Ixim Achi, Mayab, San Pedro Spanish School and Casa Rosario, which are scattered along or just off the trail to the Santiago dock.

Lake Atitlan, the Most Laid-back Lake in the World