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Lake Atitlan Spanish Schools in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala


Excellent Spanish-language teachers make San Pedro Spanish School the top place to learn Spanish in San Pedro la Laguna.

Another excellent Spanish language school at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Casa Rosario Spanish School is situated in a garden on the shore of beautiful San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala. Instead of Spanish classes with a group of students, it offers one-on-one lessons in learning Spanish at your own pace. You have the option of sharing Spanish lessons in a class with a friend if you prefer.

Prices are some of the lowest in San Pedro and the rest of Guatemala, and Casa Rosario Spanish School is fully accredited, unlike some spanish schools around Lake Atitlan and other parts of Guatemala.. All teachers have degrees in Spanish language lessons and have been teaching Spanish for years.

Spanish Lessons and Classes by Lake Atitlan in San Pedro la Laguna

You can stay with a Maya family, which helps you learn Spanish even faster, or at one of many budget hotels and hostels. Dining and nightlife is also cheaper than at most places in Central America, South American and Mexico.

There are plenty of places to do volunteer work with local Maya families if you would like to help. Also plenty of things to do, such as climbing Volcan San Pedro or Indian Nose, kayaking, visiting local Maya ruins and sites, and hiking nature trails around San Pedro and nearby San Marcos.

Click reservations online. Or call (415) 282-7654 in San Francisco, California.

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