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One of the most popular hiking tours around the lake involve climbing Volcan San Pedro. The eco-park is included on most guided tours, which cost from Q125 per person, with a minimum of two or more. A climb up Indian Nose, also near San Pedro, provides special lake views, and the hike is not as strenuous.

You can take a hiking day trip or spend the night on a two-day camp-out visit the less frequently visited volcanoes,Toliman and Atitlan, on the Santiago side of Lake Atitlan.

Climbing a Live Volcano: Volcan Pacaya

Volcan Pacaya erupts outside of Guatemala City.Climbing Volcan Pacaya, the highly active volcano southeast of Antigua, takes you close to the lava. Vans take you most of the way to the top, and then you can walk or ride a horse. This one is best done out of Panajachel or Antigua. One travel outfit in Antigua does camping trips to several volcanoes.

Hiking Around the Lake

Travel agencies run hiking tours that visit towns such as San Juan to visit the crystal beach, Playa Cristalinas

In Santa Cruz, hike from the main dock at Iguana Perdida along the shore to the Paxanax dock. The trail goes along the edge, with unusual rock formations and rare scenic vistas. Or walk up the hill to a fantastic mirador, a good spot for a picnic.

You can walk from San Pedro to the nearby town of San Juan, but should go with a guide when hiking to other towns around the lake.

Bikes, Horses, Motorcycles

You can rent bicycles, horses (with or without guide) and motorcycles in Panajachel and San Pedro.