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Massage, Yoga, Therapy at Lake Atitlan


Angela Stone, Licensed Masseuse


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Massage, Yoga, Sauna, Meditation and Therapy at Lake Atitlan

Relaxing is high on the list of things to do at Lake Atitlan. Massages, Yoga and sauna are inexpensive and plentiful, particularly in San Marcos an San Pedro. Reiki, hot stone and Indian Nose massages are also taught in workshops.

San Pedro Massage and Sauna

atitlan massage reiki  san marcos la laguna san pedroIn San Pedro, try a sauna, or a hot stone massage from Tami (502 4597-1448). A certified masseuse, Tami also does Reiki and other types of massages and therapy.

Angela, near Hotel Mikaso, offers a variety of unusual techniques.

Meditational San Marcos la Laguna

A fifteen-minute boat ride from San Pedro or Santa Cruz, the tree-shaded village of San Marcos is famous for its meditation retreats and other New Age courses and workshops. East-West Center offers a variety of therapy and massage techniques as well as performing them.

Countless other spirit guides, masseuses and therapists take up shop here during high season. Everything from acupuncture to chocolate therapy is on hand in this enchanted town.

Where to Find Massage, Yoga, Therapy in San Marcos la Laguna

For massages, Reiki and classes, we recommend the East-West Center. East-West also does acupuncture. Flower House Therapy offers massages and workshops for professionals. It's outside San Marcos about five minutes from on the way to San Pablo: 4053-4614). Yoga and meditation are also available in San Pedro and San Marcos, also with courses.

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