Shopping and other Things to Do at Lake Atitlan: Maya textiles, jewelry, souvenirs, T-shirts,books and more

Lake Atitlan: Shopping in San Pedro, San Marcos, Panajachel

Panajachel, the gateway city at the lake, is also one of the top shopping spots in Guatemala. Avenida Santander is lined with stalls selling Maya-made clothes, wallets, purses, bedspreads and belts. You'll also find designer boutiques and tons of cheap T-shirts, Cuban cigars and other bargains on this street.

Deals get better closer to the lake. Don't miss the many stalls off the street. Sunday is the big market day, when Maya from around the region arrive with their best wares and prices.

Shopping in San Pedro and Santiago

San Pedro has fewer shops and no real market other than for produce. Artisans sell jewelry and clothing in the Zone, where a few small shops are located.

Gypsy's sells used clothes, mainly for women, in San Pedro la Laguna and Panajachel. In San Pedro, it is just up the street from the Panajachel dock, where you will find a leads to a leather shop and some art galleries. Other galleries are found on the street going up from the Santiago dock.

Santiago is another good place to go for Maya textiles and especially for handcarved wooden souvenirs. On the same side of the lake as San Pedro, Santiago can be reached by boat or by car from the international highway.

Shopping in San Marcos

San Marcos has even fewer shops than San Pedro. 2012, however, has a great variety of clothes and tapestries from India, hand blown glass smoking accessories and papers, and handmade semi-precious jewelry.

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