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February 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

15: After a few nights of hard rain, the evenings remain cool but the days are nice and toasty.

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7: It's a beautiful, warm day. Winds have diminished, so crossing the lake is not as rough as the past few days.

January 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

7: Brisk winds have led to choppy waters the past two days, and today is not the time for a boat ride, even between San Marcos and San Pedro. San Pedro feels like a seaport rather than a lakeside town, almost like early autumn in the States. Warm afternoons, mild nights and no rain make January a pleasant time to visit the lake.

December 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

27: Evenings are still cool, but no rain in sight for week. The lake has been smooth sailing too.

13: The strong winds of the past week have vanished, so the boat rides are not as bumpy now.

4: Hot today. You can work up a sweat just walking through the zona viva today.

1: High winds have led to choppy lake conditions, so grab a life jacket for a cushion. The cold weather of the past few days is gone, and the sun in shining.

November 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

9: Rainy season is over. We've even had a few hot afternoons recently and nights have been cool but not chilly.

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