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November 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

9: Rainy season is over. We've even had a few hot afternoons recently and nights have been cool but not chilly.

October 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

27: No rain for two days, and the chilly nights indicate that rainy season is almost over.

18: It's been raining all over Guatemala for eight straight days. Landslides have blocked roads, leading to travel delays. The sun is shining this morning, but we expect more rain later.

9: The rain stopped for several days, but a little fell last night. Skies are overcast this morning, with a chance of sunshine this afternoon.

1: We're getting light rain in the early afternoon every day, sometimes lasting into the night.

September 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

8: Rainy season is finally back.

August 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

31: The rain continues at the lake and other parts of Guatemala. Recently the rain has fallen at night, slow and steady for hours. Today the rain began around 1 PM and it appears that it will last several more hours.

12: And it's still not raining. Cool nights and mornings, and hot afternoons remain the current and projected conditions for now. Good for tourists, bad for the Maya who are already paying more for corn and beans. So tip more to help out. Most bars and restaurants give part of the tips to the Maya cooks. Or start tipping for once in your life, you cheap bastard.

6: So the weather is finally changing. We got a few hours of steady rain around 7 PM yesterday, and it appears that the El Nino effect is fading. Local forecasters have already said "rainy season" will return by the 12th of this month. Even so, it most likely won't be intense until September.

July 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

9: When this page is not updated for days or weeks, that means the weather has not changed. In this case, the weather has gotten even better, with little rain and warm sunny days that are almost tropical. Forecast calls for the El Nino effect to accelerate later in July and last through at least September, resulting in far less rain than is typical for "rainy season." So if you're dreaming of a vacation in Guatemala, now's the time -- come on down!

June 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

18: The sky is so clear, the sun so bright, that everyone at the lake is outside staring up in wonder.

16: Another sunny day without a cloud in sight over the lake. As the saying goes about rainy season across Central America, "If it doesn't rain in the morning, it rains at night." And vice versa. So when the sun is shining at Lake Atitlan, make the most of it.

4: The sun came out today -- for five minutes. After two days of non-stop rain here and all over Guatemala, we're starting to dry out and the sky has been overcast at the lake. Weather has been chilly, but expected to warm up tomorrow.

18: Today makes three days in a row with no rain at the lake, just sunny skies.

12: Wind and rain swept across Lake Atitlan last night, soaking everything and everyone in sight until around 3 AM. Today? Started out as "another dreary day in paradise." But the lake is calm, so go for it if you're traveling by boat.

7: May has seen warmer nights and only a bit of light rain. Lookin' good today.

April 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

24: We got threee hours of rain Tuesday night. It was a hard rain for about an hour, then faded. Blue skies since then. Days have been hot.

9: After a three-day cold front that brought a chill by day and night at the lake and in Antigua, we're back to sunny skies. There's a strong breeze today, so avoid boats if possible unless the wind diminishes this afternoon.

Local forecast is for good weather the rest of April, with less rain than last year. It looks like smooth sailing at Lake Atitlan for Semana Santa.

8: Note the Road Conditions link in the top left menu. Its the Twitter account of CONRED, a Guatemalanl governmental agency that issues traffic alerts and weather forecasts and current condition. We get lots of roadblocks here, which can lead to missing airline flights, and this is the best way to see what's going on.

2: A brief shower fell around 7 PM last night, but today is sunny and bright again. It's been hot and humid for a few days, and forecasts calls for more of the same all month, but less rain than last April.

March 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather 6

10: No rain last night, and not a cloud in the sky or the satellite weather map of the region. Not as cold, either.

8: Rain again last night, and today a thunderstorm with lots of cold rain started at 5:30 and lasted nearly two hours.

6: The rain last night did not last long, and today's bright and sunny again.

5: For the first time in three months, we have a change in the weather worth reporting. Last night's light sprinkle turned into a light drizzle at 3:30 this afternoon. The rain has diminished but is still coming down.

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  • Reilly’s Irish Tavern in Antigua Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day Every DayAnd now there are two Reilly’s, one on Sixth Avenue, another on Fifth Street.
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February 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

Nights are nicer now, in the mid- to high 50s, and it's been like summertime during the day.

11: Nights and mornings have been chilly, but daytime has been warm and we've seen no rain for weeks.

January 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

18: Cold nights and mornings have prevailed recently, but at least the winds have died down

15: Weather turned windy, downright gusty, this afternoon, with heavy swells and a light chop on the lake. Winds are still blowing, and it is now cold enough for a jacket. Sunny day, though.

7: Windy day today, so the lake is very choppy. Expect a bumpy ride, or better yet, hope it gets better later today or in the morning.

December 2013 Lake Atitlan Weather

31: It's been balmy for days, with no rain and no heavy winds. Not too hot, not too cold....

19: The weather turned downright hot today. Unusual for December. No more rain, and a beautiful full moon. A huge rainbow spanned the north side of the lake, focusing on the San Marco area, few days ago. From San Pedro, it appeared as a double rainbow.

15: We got a teeny tiny bit of rain around 8:15 PM last night, but it did not last long. Winds have died down too.

10: After a few calm days, the wind is picking up again. Still cool at night and early morning.

4: A cold wave has hit the lake, so bring a sweater or jacket. Same deal for Antigua.

November, 2013 Lake Atitlan Weather

27: Another windy day. This trend usually continues through January. The key thing to remember is that if you plan to cross the lake and it's a calm day, don't put the trip off.

26: The lake today is as smooth as a Costa Rican con artist, a fine day for a boat ride anywhere. We've seen weather reports of rain in San Pedro for several days on Google News, but there has been nary a drop.

24: The lake is very choppy today, as it was yesterday, due to strong winds that will make for a bumpy boat ride. If you must cross the lake today or tomorrow, take something you can use for a cushion.

10: Rainy season is officially over, with not even a sprinkle the past week. Wind is picking up at the lake today.

October, 2013 Lake Atitlan Weather

15: Tons of rain this month led to the lake level rising again.

September, 2013 Lake Atitlan Weather

26: We're still getting some light rain.

16: Rained last night for first time since the 14th. Not a lot, but still looks like the lake level is rising again.

14: It's a sunny day, the first in weeks. Barely a cloud in sight, but it could easily rain by nightfall.

10: A heavy rain thundered from the sky at dusk, quickly obliterating every trail and path so totally that we were forced to huddle in a crosstown bar and drink heavily for hours. That as last night, and the night before, and it appears this will be the prevailing weather through October. Unless an immense hurricane or tropical storm descends upon Lake Atitlan, in which case things will grow even cloudier. Forecast: nightly rain for hours, not heavy but neverending.

May, 2013 Lake Atitlan Weather

2: We've had occassional rain, mainly at night, for the past few weeks. But the big downpours are not expected for a month or so.

8: This is the first day with no rain for awhile, at least four days. Rain has not been heavy, but last night a long stormed knocked out the lights around the lake.

March, 2013 Lake Atitlan Weather

9: Talk about extreme weather -- the low last night was 39 degrees Fahrenheit, just five degrees above freezing! At least the daytime temperature was 79.

3: Unusually cold weather arrived last night, and it is still chilly today. Friends say it was three times colder and windier in Santiago.

February, 2013 Lake Atitlan Weather

18: The cold, blustery winds finally died down, after three days of chilly weather that made crossing the lake a very bumpy ride.

January, 2013 Lake Atitlan Weather

24: An afternoon storm yesterday delivered cold winds and rain that lasted all night. Still cold today.

2: Guatemalan meteorologists say cold front will bring below-zero temperatures to Xela. The lake and the rest of the highlands will also be a lot colder.

December, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

27: We're beginning to see warmer days this week, and it has not been as cold at night.

18: Still cold mornings and nights, so bring a jacket or sweater and shoes. No rain in a long time, none in sight.

18: The weather is perfect of Christmas and End of World Parties at the lake. See Christmas and End of World Parties December 2012.

November, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

27: Windy Season follows Rainy Season, so the lake gets choppy and rough. It is even colder now, especially after dark and before 10 AM, so pick up warm clothing at the paca (used clothees) in San Pedro or Panajachel.

3: Rainy Season is definitely over, so come on down! Mornings and nights have been cool, and a light jacket or sweater is recommended.

October, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

21: For the first time since the 15th, rain is falling at 6 PM. Rained earler in the afternoon, too.

15: Wrong again! No rain at all for two days, just one brilliant afternoon after another. It could even be the end of rainy season. Or the end of the world!

9: This is the height of rainy season, and it has been raining heavily almost every night and even in early afternoon. Expect the same for the rest of October.

9: And they say things don't change fast here. No rain all day. Sunny and bright after noon. Dry air over country could mean an early end to rainy season.

September, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

September 7: Latest forecast calls for the return of El Nino, which means lots more rain for the next six weeks. It has already started, and a steady downpour is falling at this very moment.

September 17: No big storms lately, but steady rain has kept the water level rising. Last week's cold snap is finally over.

September 8: Rainy season is finally here. Rain began to fall in early afternoon rather than at night. Lasted an hour, but started back up after dark and went on for hours.

August, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

August 18: The rain has returned, mainly at night for a few hours. It has been windy and cool, even in the day.

August 8: Still the same as late July.

July, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

July 27: Dry weather continues, but days have not been as hot.

July 21 Finally, we got some rain tonight at 7 PM. Lasted 10 minutes.

July 19: It's been blue skies and golden sun for two weeks. The few times rain has fallen was at night, and even then it has been light. This is one reason July is the perfect time for a holiday at the most magical lake in the world.

May-June, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

We got lots of rain in May, sometimeys downpours that lasted all day. Things began to brighten up the last week of June.

April, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

13: Lots of rain last night, and it lasted for hours. Cool today, no sun. Does this mean rainy season is already here, and if so, will it end sooner than usual?

March, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

12: A few downpours so far, which are months ahead of normal rainy season.

February, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

7: It's been a lot warmer and less windy the past few days, even balmy from mid-day through early afternoon. A few sprinkles every other day, but they didn't last long.

2 (Groundhog Day): The local groundhog predicts a few more chilly evenings, as the wind continues to gust from early morning through the night. In San Pedro, fortunately, El Barrio Bar has a fire pit in the garden..

January, 2012 Lake Atitlan Weather

7: Windy Season is here. Most people know about Rainy Season, but few are aware that December and January see strong, gusty winds. The lake gets choppy in the afternoon, sometimes earlier, so best to schedule boat trips as early as possible. Today there are whitecaps all over the lake, and the water was rough as early as 8 AM.

October, 2011 Lake Atitlan Weather

21: Two straight days of sunshine with no rain at all tells us the lengthy tropical depression is over and rainy season is finally on the way out. The roads to and from Antigua, Panajachel and San Pedro are open, and travelers are beginning to return..

13: Apparently someone forgot to tell the rain that rainy season is on its last legs. Since the 11th, the country was socked by a tropical depression that caused lots of mudslides and floods. Yesterday and today, there were no shuttles or buses in or out of Panajachel or San Pedro for Antigua. And two more hurricanes are headed for Guatemala.

11: Warm afternoon breezes last week foretold that rainy season is on the way out. This morning, the rain arrived in the morning rather than after dark, anothe sign there is a change in the air. Looks like another week or so, and we'll back to sunny days and nights at Lake Atitlan.

September, 2011 Lake Atitlan Weather

10: Rainy season arriveth, finally. We have seen daily afternoon downpours that last for hours, recently starting as early as 1 PM, for nearly a week now, Should go on into October. Still, it's nothing like the mudslides and floods last year.

August, 2011 Lake Atitlan Weather

23: Raining a lot more these days, but not for long and mainly at night and evenings, so it has been easy to get around.

2: Only a few days of scattered rain since July have led some to call this a typical rainy season. (By this time last year, we had gone through two major storms and endured tons of rain that caused the lake level to rise significantly.) If this trend holds, we will not get hard and heavy rain on a daily basis until at least September.

July, 2011 Lake Atitlan Weather

July 21: Two days straight with no rain!

July 19: Rain, rain and more rain. But it is not too intense and won't be until probably September. It may a few hours, then the lull that lets you move to the next bar. And this afternoon, it is bright and sunny.

The road from Solola (and the Pan-Am Highway) was shut down last week due to a landslide. Best bet is to head directly from Antigua to San Pedro or San Marcos. Direct shuttles leave from 8-9 AM until 2.

June 8: The past four days have seen more rain that has lasted for hours, but has been more of a steady drizzle than a downpour. It began today at 3 PM. Expect more the same the rest, but more intense, throughout June.

May, 2011 Lake Atitlan Weather

May 20, 2011: A heavy downpour hit an hour before nightfall on Monday, May 16, and lasted several hours. Little rain since.

May 11, 2011: The San Pedro and San Marcos side of the lake got several hours of moderate rain late last night, the first signficant downpour since May 2. Skies have been cloudy all day (unlike in the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans song), so it looks like more later today or tonight.

May 2 , 2011: More rain arrived around 9 PM on the San Pedro/San Marcos side of the lake. First since April 22. Antigua has been exceptionally muggy, even at night.

April, 2011 Lake Atitlan Weather

April 22, 2011: The lake got its first big rain of the year last night, a strong downpour that lasted several hours. Local meteorologists predict even more rain for the first half of rainy season than last year, and at least six rivers are expected to cause floods again.

Since March, the climate has been exceptionally hot and muggy from 11 AM through 5 PM. This is also expected to continue in May. So break out the umbrellas and ponchos.

February, 2011 Lake Atitlan Weather

February 26, 2010 (3 Vulture): We've seen unseasonal rain over the past week, due to a cold front. Same for Antgua.

December, 2010 Lake Atitlan Weather

December 13: Wiindy in the day, chilly at night for the past week. No algae bloom this year!

June, 2010 Lake Atitlan Weather

June 15: Since June 5 and Tropical Storm Agatha, we have seen only light rain every few days around the lake. (The tourism sector in San Pedro, Panajachel, San Marcos, Santa Cruz and Santiago was barely touched by the storm.)

May, 2010 Lake Atitlan Weather

May 12: Afternoons have been hot and muggy, with occasional winds later in the day.

May 11 : No rain for the past week. The first few days of May, the rains started coming back at night.

April, 2010 Lake Atitlan Weather

April 19 : The first day with no rain, except for light sprinkles in San Pedro.

April 17 : Cold, hard rain in the early afternoon brought a hail storm with one-inch oblong-shaped hail that fell for more than a half-hour. Other regions of Guatemala reported the same, onewith hail "...the size of apples."

April 10-15: Night-time rain continued.

April 9 : It rained all night at the lake.

April 6 : Rainy season approacheth. We've seen light rain or sprinkles almost daily over the past week all around the lake. Panajachel got a gullywasher a few days ago. If you are headed for Lake Atitlan soon, bring a poncho or other raingear.

March, 2010 Lake Atitlan Weather

March 1: Here we go again with the same afternoon showers.

February, 2010 Lake Atitlan Weather

February 26-27: Cold, hard rain hit the lake in the afternoon and continued until sundown.

February 14: Hard rain hit the lake about 4 PM and continued intensely through 8 PM. Bar owners were enthusiastic, considering the number of people trapped in bar for hours on end.

February 10: The wind picked up early this morning, and there are lots of white caps on the water, making the boat ride across the lake a bumpy one.

February 7-8: The first significant rainfall in several months swept across the lake, lasting several hours each evening. Days have been warm. Temperature in Panajachel: 57 degrees Fahrenheit at 8 PM, February 8. Light rain still falling around the lake.