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November2016 Lake Atitlan

Mornings clear and sunny, afternoons cloudy and fresh, nights cool and some days very windy.

October2016 Lake Atitlan

Mostly sun, afternoons can be cloudy and fresh, sometimes little rain. Stronger wind.

September 2016 Lake Atitlan

Still little rain, though cool at night.

July 2016 Lake Atitlan

The rain has been falling around 6 PM daily, and after a lull, though not as much as a week ago.

May 2016 Lake Atitlan

Rain fell at 4 AM yesterday and again in the afternoon. We also saw rain on several nights the last week of April. Day time is still warm, but nights are cooler, especially on rainy days. At 7 AM today, the sky was overcast.

April 2016 Lake Atitlan Weather

9: It's been very hot. Too hot to walk around town, let alone go hiking, from 11:30 AM until 2 PM. Better to find a hammock in the breeze and relax or nap. Evenings have been comfortably cool after 8 PM.

March 2016 Lake Atitlan Weather

8: The cold rain of the past few nights has ended, and it's sunny today in San Pedro. We're expecting temperatures in the 70s for the rest of the month.

November 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

28: Windy season has arrived, so boat rides will be rough. The best time to cross the lake is before 11am and after 4pm.

October 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

17: About an inch of rain fell after dark last night during a shower that lasted three hours. Even so, rainy season is nearly over; expect a few more showers this month.

September 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

15: We're getting rain every day or two, mainly after dark. But it has not been hard rain and rarely last more than a few hours. October usually sees the heaviest storms of rainy season, but with the current el nino phenomenon in the Pacific, it is too soon to say what the weather will be like next month.

July 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

30: CONRED has forecast rain today and tomorrow across Guatemala. (Lake Atitlan got a brief sprinkle last night.) Volcan Pacaya is active, with 28 minor eruptions in one day this week. Volcan Santiaguito, near Xela, also blowed up real good a few days ago. So if you have asthma or other respiratory problems, don't forget to bring your inhaler, as the volcanic smog circulates through the entire country.

June 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

24: No rain for a week, since the temporary dry season, called the canicula, arrived on the 18th. It usually starts raining again in July, but due to El Nino the dry season might last through August this year, brining a drought as happened last year.

6: No rain at the lake yesterday, but no sun either.

5: Rainswept for days, Guatemala continues under the spell of a powerful tropical depression. Rain has begun falling in the afternoon and night; last night at the lake, it fell long and hard and cold. Same for the rest of the country, in particular the Pacific coast. Antigua streets were flooded a few days ago. Honduras got ten straight days of rain, and Chiapas is also underwater.

April 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

29: Cold rain began falling shortly after dark last night and continued for hours. Same is expected today.

28: Forecast for most of Guatemala, including the capital, Antigua and the lake, is heavy thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday with more rain for the next few days. We might see a thunderstorm tonight. Flooding might occur here and is predicted for Chiapas, Mexico.

24: Still perfect spring-like temperatures and humidity, hot in the early afternoon. Last week saw several days of rain, but nothing since.

March 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

29: We just experienced the first big rainfall of 2015. Rainy season usually begins in May, but got off to an early start around 2 PM today and lasting three hours. This might continue for several more days.

21: This has been the first March in many years that did not bring warm weather. Winds at the lake, which usually die down in February, persist.

February 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

15: After a few nights of hard rain, the evenings remain cool but the days are nice and toasty.

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7: It's a beautiful, warm day. Winds have diminished, so crossing the lake is not as rough as the past few days.

January 2015 Lake Atitlan Weather

7: Brisk winds have led to choppy waters the past two days, and today is not the time for a boat ride, even between San Marcos and San Pedro. San Pedro feels like a seaport rather than a lakeside town, almost like early autumn in the States. Warm afternoons, mild nights and no rain make January a pleasant time to visit the lake.

December 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

27: Evenings are still cool, but no rain in sight for week. The lake has been smooth sailing too.

13: The strong winds of the past week have vanished, so the boat rides are not as bumpy now.

4: Hot today. You can work up a sweat just walking through the zona viva today.

1: High winds have led to choppy lake conditions, so grab a life jacket for a cushion. The cold weather of the past few days is gone, and the sun in shining.

November 2014 Lake Atitlan Weather

9: Rainy season is over. We've even had a few hot afternoons recently and nights have been cool but not chilly.

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